Flip Frame Versus “Normal” Frame

Apart from colour, which is a personal preference, we offer 3 different frames that all of these 2015-Lang-Legacy-Calendar-Frame-Wooden-Painted-Black-New-Display-your-calender-161423529495Lang, Legacy & Pineridge Calendars fit into.

Two of which are the same style, they are both drop in styles, one with a wrought iron scroll on the top and one without.  This only for decorative purposes, so  getting one with or without is your own preference.

What is a “normal” or drop in style.

Well for years now, we only had one type of frame.  A wooden exterior, that has a blackboard finish on the interior of the frame.  The frame and the backing board     is spaced.  This is to enable you to open your calendar fully and drop it into the    slot on the top of the frame, it will fall straight down to the bottom and displays your calender beautifully around the picture and months section.

To change the month, you need to take off the wall, pull out the calendar, change over the month and insert it again.  Easy as that.

for the Flip frame is a little different.

How this one works, is there a wooden tab on the top of the frame with a knob on it.  Undo the knob and it will reveal a shaft, place the hole of the calendar over the shaft and put the top board back on.  Screw back on the knob, which will secure the top board and the calendar into place.

The calendar will fall nicely in the allocated space, just like the other calendar frame.  The calendar frame is different however, as it has a little ledge on the bottom, so you can keep a pen handy.

And remember it is called a “FLIP FRAME”.  The difference with this flip frame is that it allows you to flip up to the next month or months and write on your calendar those appointments or check for special dates.

You will still need to take it off the wall to change over the months, the same as the other, but with the other normal frame, you can’t lift the pages up, to write down appointments ect, unless you take it off the wall and take it out.

I know that I am lazy, and so the Flip Frame was invented by me!  We produce this ourselves in Australia.