2017 Calendars are On Their Way!

2017 Lang calendars have now arrived into Australia and are on their way to being sent to me.  The 2017 Pine Ridge and Legacy Calendars, will be arriving into Australia in the next couple of weeks and should be available in the next 3 weeks or so (depending on customs).

If you have signed up to our Newsletter, I will contact you via Email when all 3 are here, ready and waiting.  In the meantime you can preorder if you wish your favourites.

This year we will also be having the Turner 12 x 12 calendars.  Please do not be mistaken, these are smaller than the Lang, Legacy and Pine Ridge Calendars and WILL NOT fit into your frames if you have them.  These calendars are cheaper and good quality, and will be coming in a later date than the others.

If you are wanting a calendar frame for the 12 x 12 calendars, then we will be doing a Flip Frame just the same way as the others, for them as well.

Also you will received 10% discount on all orders of 3 or more products of calendars or frames until October 2016.

If you have questions and queries, please email me on Somethingscountry@bigpond.com




  1. Jessica Commisso says:

    I wish to preorder the 2017 legacy calendar – “mamma says”.
    Let me know how I can pay for it and if I am entitled to the 10 percent discount offered in this email.
    Jessica Commisso

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