We Have Got Them Back!!

Yes another shipment is about to hit my shores and we have got some titles that have not been available for months.  Ones that you wanted earlier are here again and guess what….  They are all discounted as well.

Now Only $25 and that includes Free Postage as well.

These won’t last long.   If you have already gotten a calendar, but prefer one of these, so what, you could always put your new one in the frame and the other can hang on the toilet door, you will always find room for it.



You are Not Too Late!!

Even more calendars have been arriving this week, and I have just updated the quantities.  Not only that they now have all been reduced as well.   Only $27.50 will buy you

A: A 2015 Calendar

B: Free Postage and

C: 12 months of enjoyment of artwork, what more could you ask for???2015-Lang-Calendar-Coffee-New-Wall-Calender-Fits-Frame-FREEPOST-HURRY-161554154599